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The Rise of the Pop-Up Shop

The Rise of the Pop-Up Shop

The phenomenon of pop-up shops are flourishing as a popular and effective channel to market your product or service through using unique, fashionable and innovative concepts to attract attention. One tip for a successful entrance into the world of pop up shops is using the services of an event hire organisation to help fit out your pop up store.

Pop up shops (also known as pop-up retail and pop-up store) means opening short term sales spaces in organised events or unexpected locations. These are generally used as platforms to recreate buzz, launch and test a new product and can also provide a new way to reconnect with your customers. Some pop up stores can appear without any notice, bringing a little piece of impromptu exclusivity to unexpected off beat locations and are extremely adept at attracting large crowds. They vanish as quickly as they arrive, which only adds to their mystery and popularity. As a result, they can be considered as a great short term investment that can deliver long term gain.

But in order to be an effective marketing tool, pop up stores need to present in a way that is fun and interactive, all of which can be executed through the correct use of a number of components one of which include location and space.

  • The beauty of pop up shops is that they don’t need to be in a permanent regular commercial space, they can be mobile also, trailer fit outs are an example of this. So choosing the right location is the first step.
  • Secondly, furniture, lighting and audio visuals also contribute to the presentation of the pop up shop and are factors that will heavily determine the shops success. With this in mind, it is wise to consider utilising the services of an organisation that specialises in event hire furniture, together with lighting and audio visuals also. This will give you access to a broad selection of contemporary furniture and lighting furnishings that are readily available and supplied directly to you in a moments notice.
  • Further to furniture and lighting hire, designing the space the pop up shop will inhabit is an art form in itself and a necessary element in the planning phase. Incorporating innovative ideas that offer spontaneous and exclusive experiences all meet the objectives of a pop up shop. Being able to have access to the expertise of a design team, who you can collaborate with to help design a fantastic space, is of a great assistance to your brand to help achieve its goals and meet everyone’s desired expectations.

In summary, when venturing into the world of pop up shops the assistance of an organisation providing services in event hire is a beneficial solution to help make any foray into this new marketing environment called pop up shops a great success.