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Stand Out at Your Next Exhibition

Stand Out at Your Next Exhibition

Exhibitions are different from other events. Rather than concentrating on a central brand or purpose, exhibitions present a melting pot of brand offerings. The environment at an expo is highly competitive as each business vies for customer attention and engagement.


One way to make your exhibition stand unique is to use a marquee. Marquees can be made into attention-grabbing, self-enclosed, brand-encompassing temporary rooms where consumers can escape the exhibition hall madness and concentrate their attention on your brand in a space where they’ve come to find solace.


Available nationwide, and in various shapes and sizes, including a particularly striking black marquee or clear-roof option, a marquee on the exhibition floor might be the right solution for you. A marquee can also be adapted for VIP events, act as a café or possibly host a post-show function. This is ideal for keeping your audience on the show floor!


Moreton Hire can make your stall space special. From the walls to the roof, brand your entire structure for maximum impact. We offer installations of all sizes, from small to extra-large. Solutions from off-the-shelf to custom-made, waterproof, audio-visually equipped or interactive.


Moreton Hire knows how to make exhibition stands stand-out. Contact us today 1300 360 424.