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The Benefits of a Good Exhibition Floor Plan

The Benefits of a Good Exhibition Floor Plan

When you’re looking to buy a house, the floor plan is inevitably one of your first considerations. It’s essential the same level of consideration is given to the layout of your exhibition stand.

Why does the custom exhibition stand floor plan matter?

The wrong design can have a profound effect on everything you do at the exhibition, from pulling down your lead count to reducing the effectiveness of the program you’re running. It makes sense that the look, feel and accessibility of your booth is going to have a knock-on impact on your entire sphere of influence. It will effect how many people approach the stand, how long they spend interacting with it and how they interact with it. It also plays a role in, where they go within the exhibit space and the message they take away with them about your brand. And it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Without a good understanding of the pros and cons of each layout you’re considering, it can be difficult to evaluate which option will best suit your needs and campaign. At Moreton hire, we’re always happy to assist you with advice and industry know-how to best achieve your goals. Fortunately, with a custom exhibition stand you’re free to select the layout that will best suit your brand and your goals.

What else should I consider in my trade show stand layout?

Getting the right floor plan for your stand is a great start, but it doesn’t end there. What you do with that design will be critical to the overall impression you create and the ease of accessibility for your customers. This is where you can use the advantages of your custom exhibition stand to their full potential. From the selection of furniture for the booth to the lighting you use, the effect you create will be a critical part of the package you’re selling.

Firstly, be certain you keep your long term goals in mind. Having a clear idea of the objective of each show can help you create a layout that supports you in achieving your goals. If budget is an issue, take a modular approach to your layout. This way more can be added down the line while cohesion is maintained from the start. This can also help you create a dual-purpose booth setup suitable for large and small venues.

Obviously the leading drivers of your key message are your graphics and branding, but the booth design will assist in delivering those messages. You may choose soft, plump furnishings and muted pastel colours to deliver a comforting message, or modern sleek lines with hard edges and bold colours to emphasise your cutting-edge delivery. Metallic hues feel technical and scientific where wood and soft furnishings can create an opulent feel. Remember to never neglect the effect that your lighting, both the a style and placement, will have on that overall message.. From creating the mood to highlighting certain features or product, lighting can make or break a good trade stand layout.

Consider your surroundings at the show in advance. Whether it’s a limitation like power supply, ceiling height or floor space, the adaptability in layout of a custom stand can help you make the most of what you have to work with.

Lastly, if you have the option, give careful consideration to your neighbours. You may not get to choose as the trade show may decide it for you, but if you do have a choice in the positioning you can subtly influence your success. Avoid swamping yourself in your competitors, but don’t be afraid to position yourself near an industry leader to attract people to your offering. Depending on your industry, choosing neighbours that compliment your product or service can be a great way of creating synergy and interest.

When you’re planning your exhibition campaign, getting the right layout to further your brand goals is a critical part of your success.