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Local Solution for International Needs

Local Solution for International Needs

In an ever-growing digital landscape, there can be little wonder that exhibitors are taking to global networks to find answers to their exhibition questions- and this is yet another field in which Moreton Hire can help you find the perfect solution.

In past decades, with slower communications and no easy access to companies on the other side of the world, options could be very limited when it came to design partnerships and trade exhibitions. You could design and ship the exhibit stands and other even furniture you required from your home base, guaranteeing the results you want but incurring the costly headaches and potential delays of international shipping, or you could do without tailoring your exhibits and make do with standard exhibition fare purchasable quickly at the destination venue. Needless to say, neither is an ideal solution when it’s your brand and your good name you’re selling.

Times have changed. Clear, precise global communications- from rapidly delivered email to screen-to-screen conferencing- open up a vast landscape for finding partnerships overseas that will be able to create and tailor your custom exhibition stands and branding from afar, ready to simply be finalized and installed upon your arrival in Australia. You can design and construct the perfect exhibition ware for your needs without having to face the logistical nightmare inherent in international shipping of bulky ware, saving you both time and energy and vital costs.

Particularly when your exhibition needs fall under the banner of globalized promotions or standardized brand development, you probably have already invested heavily in developing the stand designs you need. Entrusting them to a local partner who can oversee the fabrication and logistics for you just makes sense.

With a global partnership, working with local suppliers to supply the needs of international exhibitors just makes sense. Producing a quality product halfway around the world from your home base is no longer the stuff of dreams, but reality. You’re no longer confined to hoping the exhibit companies and custom exhibit stand designers close to you can deliver of your brief, but have the freedom of- almost literally- the entire world to forge a partnership that delivers.

Regardless of your needs, Moreton Hire can help you craft the perfect exhibition solution for your company, fully customized to highlight your brand and drive your targets- perfect for international exhibitors visiting our shores in need of a full exhibition solution that delivers.