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Harnessing the Power of Pop-Up | The Moreton Hire Way

Harnessing the Power of Pop-Up | The Moreton Hire Way

The word ‘pop-up’ seems to be on every retailer’s list of buzz-words at the moment. The era of the pop-up store has arrived in force, and there’s little wonder. The principals behind the ‘pop-up’ store are good- especially for brand activation. By erecting a temporary retail facility offering the temptation of something exclusive to customers, you can easily access the benefits of extra brand exposure without the downsides of long retail-space rents and an untested market. It’s also incredibly easy to target specific audiences, bring particular brands in your retail arsenal to customer’s attention or otherwise direct your audience and your brands in ways that suit your selling strategy. It can even be a good way to test the waters in new areas before committing to a full-time branch. They’ve proved themselves up to the task and attractive to customers. In short, the pop-up is in.


Depending on your product, however, it may seem impossible to harness the power of the pop-up for your own brand. They’ve still been tied to traditional retail spaces like malls with un-let shops to colonise. Firstly, it’s a venue that’s not ideal for a host of brands, lacking either the right ambience or the right target audience for your needs. You may be looking to develop in new space where no existing facilities exist. Perhaps you’re looking to target big events, push a product at a sponsored events or even take your brand to an outdoor area. Or perhaps you’re simply not keen to take over spaces that can be let at any moment and which lack decidedly in customisation options or the ability to cater easily to your branding and your brands.


However, that’s in the past with convenient rental options like the HEX marquee. Traditional temporary structures could be unappealing for the pop-up concept, primarily due to access and security concerns for stock- a soft sided facility can be difficult to monitor for stock shrinkage. They can also lack a certain aesthetic appeal in the customers eyes- fine for a work function or event, not so much as the temporary home of your unique product lines! The HEX provides the look and feel of traditional small shop/booth areas from holiday towns and the quainter indoor markets while providing solid walls [available either white or clear or in combinations] to make security considerably less of a concern. They’re easy to erect, simple to customise and provide a slick, organised frontage to attract customers to your products. What could be better?


Or for a semi-permanent solution, a stand design allows our clients to get the look of a retail fit-out – but at a much lower cost, and faster execution. Explore the stand packages to find your perfect size, or speak to the team to discuss a custom stand design. Your Brand, Your Style.