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Furniture, Custom Solutions and Signage for Corporate Hospitality

Furniture, Custom Solutions and Signage for Corporate Hospitality

The key to a successful corporate event is to know your audience. Once you know who you are entertaining, you can tailor the event to suit their needs and interests. Sourcing appropriate infrastructure and event styling products that are aligned with what your guests like is sure to leave a good impression.

Often in corporate hospitality you will be asked to host a number of different events. These can range from social events such as corporate race days and sporting functions to acquisition events like exhibitions. It goes without saying that the requirements when it comes to furniture hire, staging and setup will be very different depending on the event and the venue. Moreton hire is the best place to turn if you are looking for custom solutions for your space. They have a team that focus on custom fit-outs. They will work with you to make your space engaging for networking and entertaining whilst still recognizing your goal and managing your budget. You can even add custom branding to your linen choices, giving your event that personal touch. Bespoke designs are often required for large corporate events such as product launches or sports days. These are easily managed by reputable companies such as this.

Branding and signage are critical elements when it comes to corporate hospitality. Having your logo clearly visible is of the outmost importance. You now have the ability to brand just about everything in sight from your entrance counters and table linen to you backdrops, staging and lecterns. This will ensure guests walk away from an event remembering your business name.

Whether you are hosting thousands of people or an intimate party for valued guests, you need an event company you can trust. Moreton Hire will act on your behalf and source products from around the world. They are your one stop business solution when it comes to event planning, concept development, logistics and implementation. They have offices around Australia and offer only the best account management and event infrastructure – contact our team today.