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Custom Design your Exhibition Stand

Custom Design your Exhibition Stand

Custom Design is one of those terms that can stir a lot of emotion. You may be the kind to leap right into any experience that may help push sales, or you may be confined by a tight budget or the urge not to over-complicate. Whatever your style of business, you want to make sure that any product you invest in is worth your time, effort and hard-won budget. So why opt for a custom stand, as opposed to a plain, regular out-the-box offering?

There’s quite a few reasons that custom-design stands make for a great choice, but one of the most critical has to be the invaluable opportunity to showcase and highlight your products in a way designed with them specifically in mind. After all, you’ve spent a good deal of investment in branding your product- ensuring that everything from the design of the packaging right down to the colour of the logo sells the ideas and concepts your product represents. Are you willing to throw that advantage and that careful brand structuring away when it comes to the next step in marketing at trade exhibitions and shows?

Brand activation- the developing processes of your brand awareness- is an ongoing process. It doesn’t stop with the perfect packaging or a great name. There’s a reason that perfume companies and other high-end luxury products pay a fortune for custom-designed show cases and displays in even the smallest shops and windows. How you present your product matters almost as much as what it actually is, and it becomes a huge part of how the customer will perceive the product itself and its parent brand.

Here are some points to consider:


    1. How does the stand service your product’s space requirements?


    1. How does the stand grab the punter’s eye?


    1. How does the stand deliver your brand’s impact?


    1. Is the product highlighted by the stand?


    1. Is the stand working towards converting viewers to customers?


    1. If a modular off-the-shelf stand won’t tick all those boxes for your product, then it’s not right for you.


A custom design can be made to fulfil all of these needs and more, and can still be made with a budget and other targets in line- it’s even possible to create customised modular stands that can be reused and reconfigured to last through event after event.

The need for an eye-catching display becomes particularly vital at trade shows, where you will be exhibiting alongside many other companies that will begin to blur in the customer’s mind- particularly if you face exhibiting alongside brands in the same industry as you. Balancing the need to catch the eye with the need to maintain your brand impact and overall design is a fairly simple process, particularly with the broad spectrum of solutions custom trade exhibition stands offer you. Ensuring that your product is the centre of attention at the stand, however, is not as easy, and part of the reason it’s vital to have professionals like Moreton Hire to guide you through the creation process. You want the stand to showcase the brand, not dwarf it by being too loud or veering in the wrong direction.

One of the best strategies to carry your brand exposure and product line forward into the trade show arena lies in the incredibly simple yet impactful, effective and remarkably versatile options open to you with customised trade and exhibition stands that leave your product at the centre of the action.


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