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Capturing the Romance of Spring

Capturing the Romance of Spring

If there’s one thing anyone who works in the wedding industry will recognize, it’s the lure of the spring wedding. It’s a romantic, evocative time of year redolent with gorgeous smells, sumptuous colours and the promise of better things to come. There’s little wonder it’s one of the most popular wedding seasons there is.

It’s such a romantic season, however, that it can be tempting to let standards slip and stick with the tried and clichéd. Now, that’s not saying their isn’t a place for the traditional spring wedding- far from it- but brides will appreciate a sense that you’re trying to help them create something that’s uniquely theirs, too, and it’s worth tailoring your suggestions to the bride-to-be and her personality.

From the colour palette they choose to the cake [or cupcakes] on the table and most especially the décor they choose, there’s a lot of room to keep a Spring wedding classy and elegant while enabling the little touches to speak for themselves. Don’t shy away from the bride who’d like you to work a rustic touch into the proceedings. Far from evoking a scene of rusty barns and hay bales, there’s a host of options open to enable rustic simplicity that retains her inner dignity. Incorporate it into the theme with natural fibres, or opt for one of the exquisite ranges of wooden-heart boxes to use for the wedding favours for a novel touch. Moreton Hire have a stunning range of natural- inspired cotton and hessian runners and napkins perfect for the job.

If your Bride’s tastes are a little more exotic, explore Moreton’s Signature Peacock range for the ideal way to add a retro-quirky pop of intrigue to the proceedings. Subtle touches of peacock-feather elegance will tickle everyone’s fancy and leave the results understated yet memorable. Even if you opt to play it traditional with soft spring wedding pastels, we have solutions for you. Choose to add a touch of luxury with gold and silver satins, or keep the romance of the season with crisp whites, damask rose and violets, our versatile linen ranges will help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Don’t forget the prosaic details, though. Spring weather can be unpredictable, and it it’s an outdoor wedding, you may want to invest in a Marquee to ensure the day will be on your side whatever the weather.