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Moreton Hire duo celebrate 35 years

Moreton Hire duo celebrate 35 years

In 2021, Ian Hoath and Peter Morahan of Moreton Hire, celebrate 35 years working together servicing Australia’s Business Events Industry.

Moreton Hire has been owned and operated by the Morahan family since 1969. Ian Hoath commenced working with Peter and the company in May 1986.

Since then, the duo has worked to deliver some of Australia’s largest events and expos. Delivering equipment from marquees and fencing to temporary walling, power equipment, furniture and signage

“The first job we did together was an Expo in 1986 at the then Jupiters’ Casino on the Gold Coast,” Mr Hoath said, “… we didn’t actually own the panels, we had to go make them. It’s quite funny now I think about it!”

Mr Hoath said that while they’ve had their share of highs and lows, there is a legacy in the experience built over these years.

“I have found longevity lies in the ability adapt to a changing environment,” he said, “this is something we value at Moreton Hire. The ability to move quickly, change and grow.”

The team at Moreton Hire says that it is not uncommon to find Ian and Peter in the back corner of the warehouse, late on a Friday afternoon, fussing over a particular piece of tent componentry or checking how equipment has been tied down on trucks.

“We are big believers in ‘Management by Walking Around’. We get into the detail; everyone is expected to roll up their sleeves. That’s what makes the difference,” Mr Hoath said.

Tackling the most recent pandemic headwinds has been a big challenge for Moreton Hire and the broader Tourism & Business Events Industry.

Recognising a drop in turnover in 2020, Moreton Hire has been supplying equipment to Australia’s COVID Response Teams. Building testing and vaccination sites across Australia. The most recent project the pair have worked together on, is the Gold Coast COVID-19 Vaccination Hub site next to Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

“The outlook now is a bit better than this time last year, but if we can’t open up borders, it is still a challenge,” Mr Morahan said. “…certainly, the announcement of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics has put a spring in our step. While we may have more grey hairs than in the 80s, Ian and I will be there… we’ve still got a bit left in the tank yet!”

Particular highlights for the pair include: The Lexmark Indy 300, APEC, Australian PGA Championships, Expo 88, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, Beef Australia, the Brisbane International Truck Show, Fine Food Exhibitions, Flight Centre Travel Expos, Queensland Mining Expo, Avalon International Airshow, The Rugby World Cup and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

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