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Uniflex Marquee 10m Wide

The Uniflex  is a modular design that can work neatly with other marquee components. It comes with a curved roof or A-Frame style.  The Uniflex enables you to change and expand your space by adding additional 5m bays. It is available in 10m, 15m  or 20m widths and can be used with or without a  balcony attachment.  The standard leg height is 3.2m. We also have 3.8m legs available. The Uniflex is available in vinyl walls as our standard offering.

This marquee can be installed with solid cassette walls, glass walls or a combination of both!  Together with interior styling, air-conditioning, balcony or signage features.  The sizes in our Uniflex marquee range is subject to availability and requires a technical engineer to do a site visit for safety. To get a quote, either call Moreton Hire directly or submit the Uniflex to your quote cart and a member of the Moreton Hire team will be in touch to discuss the details.

Dimensions 5000 × 10000 × 3200 mm

Width: 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m
Length: Multiples of 5m
Leg Height: 3.2m or 3.8m
Walls: Blackout vinyl (as standard)
Accessories: Clear vinyl walls, solid or glass walls, sliding, single and double doors.

SKU: uni3.2p10x5