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All you need to know to Exhibit; An easy guide by Moreton Hire

All you need to know to Exhibit; An easy guide by Moreton Hire

Ok let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there. The business landscape is an eclectic minefield through which you need to navigate with both an adaptable and flexible approach. In order to be successful it’s important to ensure that your business enjoys a presence in the many different platforms currently available to it. One of these includes exhibiting, which we here at Moreton Hire believe should be a key component to all business marketing plans.

If you’ve never delved into the world of trade show booths before, the idea alone can seem rather daunting. We’ve had quite a few years experience helping businesses to do this, (something like 40 years!), so we thought it might be helpful to let you in on a few hints and tips on not only how to exhibit, but how to execute it in a way to ensure the exercise is a successful marketing experience that has the possibility to give you a real return on your exhibiting investment.

1. Great exhibition stand design
The design of your display stand is paramount and establishing the purpose for your exhibit will help to determine the best layout to present your brand to its full potential.

2. Strong visual presence
The current average attention span of an adult is 8 seconds. Interestingly enough an attention span of a goldfish is actually 9 seconds, go figure! So with a very short period of time to make an impression, a strong visual presence through items like signage is essential. This will not only help to engage any potential customers in a timely manner, it can also work to distinctly distinguish yourself from your competitors.

3. Functional platform to connect with your customers
Maximise the impact of your display stand by developing feature areas that are eye catching as well as functional. Incorporating spaces to have a quiet chat with your customers allows you to have that one on one contact essential to building a rapport with any potential and existing customers.

4. State of the art technology that engages your clients on other levels
With the rapid rise of social media and e-commerce, incorporating technology like IPads adds an extra layer to your exhibition display giving you yet another way to capture and connect with your distinct client base.

Bottom line, in this competitive environment those businesses competing for mindshare of their customers succeed if they engage them earlier. With this rule of thumb in mind, your exhibition stand has the potential to enjoy the immediate and effective results that exhibitions have the power to generate.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and happy exhibiting!