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NSW State of Emergency Test Lab

  • Temporary Structures

As Australia’s storm, fire and flood season is upon us, the NSW SES team are ahead of the curve. Already in disaster management mode, our NSW Moreton Hire team worked closely with the SES to build a scale model of the exact mobile command centre which would be deployed to site in emergency situations. The purpose of this ‘test lab’ is for staff and volunteers to do their training in the exact work environment that will be situated on site.


On Thursday 15th October, Moreton Hire deployed a 6 month long-term hire installation at the State of Emergency Services Head Office, Wollongong. The solution Moreton Hire offered was Syma Walling constructed to create a 6m x 6m square space. Usually an exhibition walling product, this versatile walling system can easily create divided space inside offices, warehouses and even marquees. Additional to the walling we provided custom fabricated desks to the exact shape and dimensions of the command centre, acrylic white boards and foamex reference slot windows and 42inch monitors custom mounted over 4 desks in the exact location required. Moreton Hire having the opportunity to create a scale training test lab is a first certainly for SES, but also a first for Moreton Hire. A brilliant result and much needed assistance to an essential service.

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