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Temporary Emergency Solutions

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Our range of temporary structures which are perfect for: emergency accomodation, staff lunchrooms, isolation units, medical equipment storage, people processing, mobile testing facilities, mobile hospitals, crowd staging and disaster relief. Our solutions provide quick and user friendly sites for Medical Teams to be able to assess & treat patients in spaces separate to their main spaces within the Hospital or Medical Centre. Speak to the team today

Drive up testing sites

Ready to build

Moreton Hire’s Rapid Response team have designed and built a vehicle test sites to assist local authorities with drive-thru testing. The vehicle test sites easily assist with reducing the load and cross-contamination at local hospitals down the east coast of Australia. Our structures can modified to suit your requirements. Ranging in heights of 3.2m, 3.8m and 5.2m high to service cars through to trucks and coaches, these structures are 10m wide and the length can be changed to suit the location. All temporary structures are engineered and constructed to the Australian Building Code.

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Ready to install

Mobile Medical Facilities

These ‘turnkey’ solutions range in size from 100m2 to 4000m2, can be weighted on car parks and can include: doors, ramps, HVAC, generators, emergency lighting, cassette floor (heavy duty vinyl on top), under floor cable track provision with cassette floor, internal lighting, sound proof walls, ceilings. All temporary structures are engineered and constructed to the Australian Building Code.


Temporary and ready to install

Emergency Walling

Moreton Hire’s temporary walling solutions are perfect for creating isolation units, dividing walls, people segregation, offices and storage facilities. We also have a range of lockable doors to compliment the walling. We can also provide : Desks and Counters, Bulk Seating, Trestle Tables, Directional Signage (the holders/frames as well as the print), Poster Panels as notice boards

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Hand Sanitiser Units for Hire

Ready for hire

Moreton Hire's temporary custom Hand sanitisers are immediately available and ready to go in all capital cities. Available for short or long term hire. Easy to move around and pack down for smart on-site storage solutions. Inter changeable and custom signage options available to provide eye catching point of display. Available in 4-pack double-sided unit (2 dispensers per side) Ongoing supply of sanitiser and dispensers supplied by Moreton Hire or interchangeable with your current consumable supplier

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Checkpoint Stations

Temperature Checks and Quarantine

Available for immediate installation today. Call the team. Looking for more solutions? Download our Polyclinic Solutions Book.

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