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Why a Marquee is a the Perfect Venue

Why a Marquee is a the Perfect Venue

The Perfect Cover

When planning an outdoor wedding it is important not to leave anything to chance. Choosing a marquee hire for an outdoor wedding will help to alleviate any fears of unexpected and uncontrolled weather conditions and is a step in the right direction to allowing your special day to be the best it can.


Using a marquee on your wedding day will not only help to ease any weather concerns, but can also offer many other advantages. For example, it provides the flexibility of being able to offer the most idyllic setting to hold your wedding in. Whether it is a beautiful open field with scenic views of mountains, a backyard of a grand homestead or even alongside a serene beach line, there aren’t too many places a marquee cannot be erected upon.


Furthermore, given the remote locations of weddings held in marquees, the ability to party with unrestricted music levels allows guests to leave when they would like, instead of having to impose a curfew on your special day.


Having a choice of different size and configured marquees is also another benefit of using a marquee at your wedding. The availability in choice allows you to select the most suitable option to accommodate your guest numbers, without having to make any unnecessary cuts to your guests list.


A marquee can be your very own blank backdrop, ready to be decorated in a way that meets your tastes with very little limitations and restrictions. Going that little step further, you may even consider enlisting the expertise from an organisation that specialises in event hire that can help take your wedding to a whole new level, through styling of furniture, audio visual and lighting, right down to the very finer details like table decor and linen.


The beauty of having things like staging hire at a wedding means the tables, chairs etcetera, are brought in especially for the event and then once the event has finished it is simply disassembled and removed, leaving you without having to worry about such things like logistics of set up and pack down, allowing more time to focus on other important areas of the wedding.


With so many advantages to utilising a marquee hire at an outdoor wedding, it seems almost silly not to consider this option. Being able to chose your own location, customise your wedding environment to exactly how you envisaged your special day to be and celebrate late into the night with no restrictions, makes for a wedding day to remember.