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From Concept to Reality: The Process of Brand Activation’s

From Concept to Reality: The Process of Brand Activation’s

In order for you to successfully connect with your customers through a custom stand at an exhibition, trade show or conference platform, there is a certain formula applied to help bring your concept to reality. A winning formula that has been tried and proven many times before.

The process to activate your brand consist of five steps. These include the brief, concept, feedback, 3D visuals and finally build and installation…

  1. Let’s start with the brief. The brief is the preliminary planning stage which is an extremely important part of the process as this is the time to be clear and concise about your requirements and offers the perfect chance to clarify any moot points if necessary.
  2. Based on the brief supplied, a number of concepts are then generated in keeping with the suggested requirements.
  3. These are presented and feedback is vital at this stage in order to ensure the best possible outcome is created.
  4. The ideal concept is then determined and the visual element then comes into play. With 3D visuals that deliver high quality, photo realistic visuals, ensure you are getting exactly what you wanted.
  5. Finally, the ability to have access to highly skilled tradesman who are ready and able to bring your custom design exhibition stand to life from planning through installation, is an invaluable asset to have and saves a great deal of your valuable time giving you the opportunity to focus your attention elsewhere.

Depending on your budget requirements, it is reassuring to know that whatever this might be, you can still gain access to a suite of exhibition services, and have the ability to choose as little or as much as you need. Whether it be a simple shell design, complete with audio visual elements, digital graphics and custom built furniture or an intricate two storey structure with client meeting areas, 3D logos, banners requiring specialised rigging, the options are really endless and are completely determined by the client.

Choosing to partner with an organisation who specialises in providing a complete range of exhibition and trade show solutions with extensive experience in servicing exhibitions every year, is the ideal way to ensure your brand is given the best chance in such a unique and highly competitive environment. By choosing a custom stand that has been designed using the formula outlined above, will ensure your brand is activated and successfully connects and engages with your customer. Contact the team at Moreton Hire today to discuss your custom solution.