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Maximising your Business Event Offerings with Expo Express

Maximising your Business Event Offerings with Expo Express

Moreton Hire is a market leader in event and exhibition solutions. Offering an unparalleled service when it comes to logistics, furnishings and product, and project management. We will help you to transform your event or expo into a functioning and feasible environment for exhibitors.

Moreton Hire has an offering called Expo Express, which is the conference and exhibition solution for your venue. Expo express gives you affordable display booth solutions. It’s easy to book, quick to install and is delivered to your door. Expo Express will help you to sell your venue space as it has a fixed price and offers new look pods which can only enhance the business event offerings for your venue.

Expo Express brings you an effective networking hub at an affordable price. It is the perfect solution for in-house exhibitions, displays and conferences. All the designs have a 2m x 3m footprint allowing maximum use of your space. The exhibition shell scheme includes cost effective modular display booth options, to which there are 4 to choose from. The design team are happy to translate corporate logos into signage solutions. Expo Express offers 5 signage options ranging from large format digitally printed signage to LED and digital displays. There is a wide range of furniture that is available to hire so you can fill your space in a way that works best for you. This includes the basics like chairs and tables as well as some more personal requirements such as plants and lounges. Lighting and audiovisual is also available should you want to take the opportunity to increase the prominence of certain areas within your venue.

With more than 300 specialised Moreton Hire staff on hand Australia wide to assist you in maximising your venues business offering, you are guaranteed 5 star service every step of the way.