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How to make your next Exhibition stand a success

How to make your next Exhibition stand a success

If you have decided to include trade shows as one of your marketing strategies then there are a few factors to consider in order to ensure your exhibition stand successfully reaches its full marketing potential. Some of these include:

  1. Finding the most experienced and suitable personnel to man the stand.
  2. Determining the specific service or product that you will be featuring at the event.
  3. Establishing the main objective you wish to achieve out of the exercise.


One fundamental factor to also consider is the size and space of the designated area for your stand, which in turn will help you to determine the installation you would like. Furthermore, the style of installation you choose will be directly influenced by the type of impression you want to make. Get this important step right and your company can enjoy a host of benefits. These benefits include

  • Creating a presence and awareness amongst your customers and competition.
  • The generation of new leads and customers together with a unique opportunity to initiate new relationships with industry partners.
  • Free advertising and promotion through the show itself.
  • Finally, your stand alone could become a talking point, creating a memorable buzz around your brand.


Creating an engaging and interactive stand will help to create a point of difference for your business and will help to entice customers into your space. Using custom stands that are built primarily for the purpose of your specific trade show can provide a 3D marketing solution that can offer maximum brand exposure. Moreover, filling your space with interactive items like audio visual and lighting elements can also contribute to the customer experience together with utilising technology like iPads for example, to display the functionality of a new product.


Aligning yourself with an organisation who specialises in exhibition hire, who can also offer a full package of services like logistical support, installation and dismantle, together with a number of shell scheme solutions and furniture to choose from, is another great way to ensure that your trade show is a marketing success. Having that additional support will also take the stress out of the organisation process giving you that little extra time to fine tune and focus on other areas.


In order for your trade show to be a success and in order for your business to see a return on investment, it is important to keep in mind factors like having the right personnel, determining the product or services to promote and establishing the main objective you wish to achieve. Furthermore, the importance of the type of exhibition stand you choose is also a fundamental factor and should be considered carefully as it can significantly influence the outcome of your event.