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Breaking stereotypes with an all Female Build

Breaking stereotypes with an all Female Build

To celebrate Global Exhibitions Day 2016, Moreton Hire has brought together an all- female build team to recognise diversity of the workforce within the Australian Exhibitions Industry.


Part of a regular program, the all-female team, led by Project Manager Julie Barns, were responsible for delivering infrastructure for the Australian Stock Brokers’ Conference 2016 in Melbourne last week. This included all components of the project from account management and design, to equipment transportation, delivery, set up and execution.

“One of the most rewarding parts of the job is getting to see a project come together, so being able to pull together a great group of women and put the event together ourselves was amazing,” said Barns. “It was great to see an all-female team on site and getting the job done!” She added.

Peter Morahan, Moreton Hire’s CEO, said that all-female builds are fast becoming a frequent undertaking for Moreton Hire; in an effort to promote workplace equality while celebrating the opportunity that diversity offers the Business Events industry.


“These all-female build projects, like many of our programs, are a great way for staff to get an understanding of what goes into a build, the challenges you might have to overcome and also encourage initiative and team work to get an event up and running in a day,” said Morahan. The program is also designed to bring together women from different arms of the business so that they can be exposed to the entire lifecycle of a project.


“Moreton Hire was proudly founded by my mother, Marlene Morahan in 1969, laying the foundations for event and exhibition supply in Australia. Marlene  was undoubtedly a pioneer for women of her generation and it is a proud history that helped Moreton Hire to grow under her leadership to where it is today.”


Peter said it is their goal to have a balanced workforce that allows for many benefits including increased efficiencies, innovation and the opportunity to leverage off the collective strengths of talent across the business.