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Activation with a Custom Stand

Activation with a Custom Stand

What will a custom exhibition stand do for me that a normal one can’t?

It’s probably one of the first questions any exhibitors will ask themselves. After all, the idea of a ‘customised’ look, to an exhibitor, probably just sounds like more work and expense than you need.

However, it’s vital to dial back that thought a little and fully analyse the concept of a custom stand. If it helps, swap the word ‘customised‘ for ‘branded‘ instead. Who wouldn’t want a stand option that caters to your brand and develops your market presence, after all? You’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing your brand and your brand name – the process usually called brand activation- and the physical identity associated with that brand are a huge part of the market impact. Why throw away the impact of your brand by settling for an off-the-shelf option which blends in with the rest of the crowd?

Custom signage is a simple upgrade you can make to your exhibition or trade stand, it takes the stand from an impersonal collection of struts and boards to something that proudly proclaims your brand to the world. But why take it further then that? Why opt for a full customisation option?

Fully customised stands go beyond signage and colour use to incorporate specialised design and fabrication, furniture, lighting electronics and more. There’s a few reasons why this may be the right choice for you. Your branding is generally more then a font and a colour or two, it’s a holistic concept, and being able to custom design the stand allows you to bring that branding to life into the stand design, creating an end product that’s fully recognisable for what it is- a public face of your company or product. If you’re a brand known for your soft edges and curves, for example, a sharp angled, squared off stand probably isn’t the first thing your prospective audience will associate with you.

It can also help you achieve aims you may have for the exhibition or trade show – are you considering promoting give-aways? Hosting talks or lectures? Displaying performers on your screens? Offering a coffee bar to sample your product? Running A/V that will need cabling tidied away from the public view? Offering interactive displays? Needing private meeting space ? Whatever the needs and aims of your presence at the exhibition, it will be easier to frame them in a stand that’s designed with those needs specifically in mind. You will have full control of the user experience- and what they take away after experiencing it, too.

A good design not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but it leaves a lingering, fully branded impression on the minds of the audience who experience it. It needn’t break the budget, either, as customised modular stand construction makes it possible to create a stand that can be reconfigured and re-used. Or, opt for a full customisation option specific to your brand needs at one specific event. Moreton Hire can help you achieve full brand intergeneration with your exhibition equipment by opting for our custom exhibition stands, and help your brand stand out and draw maximum exposure, contact us today!