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Concrete Weights


Moreton Hire has a range of 20kg, 210kg, 500kg and 1 ton concrete weights available for long term and short term hire. Amongst the range is the carefully engineered Anchor Bloc which enables flexibility and use in multiple applications. Keep your structures, equipment or event safe from the wild Australian weather and hire concrete weights for your site.

20kg Cast Iron Weights

The cast iron weights are the lightest weight in our range for hire. The Cast Iron weight is commonly hired for additional weights on outdoor umbrella's, tables, signage or small marquees.

  • Outdoor Umbrella's
  • Tables and furniture
  • Signage - flags, media walls
  • Small Marquees

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210KG with Tyne Holes

The 210kg concrete weight has been manufactured with Tyne Holes for easy forklift management. The weights are 450mm x 450mm x 200 mm and are commonly hired for:

  • Small Marquee Installations
  • Light Machinery Support
  • Signage stability
  • Coastal erosion protection

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500kg Concrete Weights

Depending on the application, Moreton Hire's range of 500kg concrete weights is available with or without tyne holes. The 500kg block is 600mm x 600mm x 600 mm and is commonly used for:

  • Construction site support
  • Secure light machinery
  • Medium marquee installations
  • Signage or lightweight promotional materials

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1 Ton Concrete Weight

The range of 1 ton concrete weights are available for hire with or without tyne holes. Depending on its application, the 1 ton blocks are ideal for strong industrial support or ballast needs. The 1 Ton blocks are 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm and is recommended to hire for:

  • Large marquee installations, especially on beachfront, mountain top or cyclone-prone locations.
  • Ballast support
  • Coastal erosion protection
  • Establishing offshore structures or zones
  • Crane or machinery support
  • Temporary fencing

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1 Ton Anchor Bloc

The European manufactured Anchor Bloc has been carefully engineered to offer the market with a versatile concrete weight product. The design enables the concrete block to be attached to ratchet straps, directly to scaffolding, half coupler, verticle or horizontal scaffold tubes or with standard connector bars. The 780mm cubed block is ideal for projects that require the versatility and easy installations.

  • Australian first
  • Innovative, flexible and durable
  • Ideal for scaffolding installations or large marquee installations
  • Construction site support
  • Rigging, machinery or fencing support
  • The opportunities are endless!

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