Themed Exhibition Stands

Caravan and Camping Show
July 28, 2017
Caravan and Camping Show
Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow
November 15, 2017

Themed Exhibition Stand Designs

Events + Exhibition = Eventabitions. Exhibiting at an exhibition traditionally is a corporate business activity. But in 2017, in a world of hot desking, flexible working, brand personalities and digital advancements... who can say what is "normally"?? Get creative and integrate some themed ideas to your next Exhibition booth!

Mix it Up

It can be easy to get stuck in the “same old same old” mindset when ordering furniture for your exhibition booth… the same white cupboard and the same white stools. Why not change it up and choose furniture based on a theme? The theme can relate to an upcoming holiday (eg Halloween) or be kept simple and inspired by a popular interior decorator trends like Monochrome, Coastal or Industrial. With a themed stand design, your booth will stand out from the crowd and is guaranteed to be remembered by visitors.


It's amazing what a touch of greenery and flowers can do to your space. It can be as large as a green wall, or a little as a vase of flowers. Soften your space with some beautiful colours and life!

Event-style Furniture Hire

Just because it's "normally" at an event, there's no reason you can't incorporate an event-design to your space. Accessorise with cushions, linens, lighting and colourful furniture. A simple but effective way to reinvigorate your exhibition booth and incorporate your brand personality.

Have a custom piece in mind?

Our sister company Prototype Commercial Furniture can design and manufacture furniture your clients will fond over. From banquette seating, custom-coloured furniture, fabricated stands or decorative tables. Contact our Exhibitions team early to ensure your vision can be brought to life.

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