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Air Conditioning Systems

Cool It, Heat It, Control It

Air Conditioning Systems

The new collection of Air Conditioning Systems for hire includes a range of systems from ActronAir, Australia's most premium air conditioning provider. Control the airflow of your office, marquee, exhibition or venue with Moreton Hire Air Conditioning.

7.1KW Wall Framed Split System

Single Room System

The Wall Frame Split System is similar to a residential air conditioner. With multi-directional air flow, temperature and directional airflow can be adjusted with a remote controller. The entry level of our air conditioning range. The 7.1KW Split System is a simply compact option for smaller spaces.


28.9KW - 40.8KW Packaged System

Commercially Ducted

The Commercial Ducted Packaged Unit is available in a 28.9KW or 40.85KW. The systems are ideal for lighter commercial installations, such as restaurants, offices, smaller marquees and venues. The package has been carefully engineered with vertical hot air discharge, to improve energy efficiency and fit in confined spaces. On top of its advanced technical engineering from ActronAir, the ducted units exceeds the minimum energy performance standards in Australia (MEPS).


71KW, 82.5KW, 96KW Packaged Units

Tri Capacity System

The Tri Capacity Packaged Unit is the largest and most premium unit at Moreton Hire. The Packaged Air Conditioning Unit incorporates ActronAir’s smart engineering technology. It’s ideal for medium to large sized commercial environments such as restaurants, banks, conference spaces, offices, cinemas and exhibition halls.
Tri-Capacity technology was designed specifically for Australian weather conditions. Tri-Capacity delivers superb energy efficiency, with an IEER for 3.62 – up to 32% more efficient than the minimum BCA compliant system. It also surpasses ASHRAE 90.1, one of the most recognised standards for building energy efficiency in the world.

Prepared for any weather

Reliable, World-Class, Economical Systems

ActronAir Systems have gained their prestigious reputation thanks to the reliability of their systems. Carefully engineered for Australian weather, the systems have exceed all safety and energy-saving standards from around the world.

Multi-Purpose Systems Any Commercial Environment

Moreton Hire range of Air Conditioners are commercially durable for any space. Hire for your next event, exhibition, back-up your commercial office, storage rooms, server rooms... any commercial environment that requires protection from the harsh Australian sun, we have the solution for hire!

Cool It, Heat It, Control It.


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